We collaborate with early learning centres, schools, educators, and students to realize their visions and goals as they become a model for children , educators, parents, and work within their communities to create a balance and content of creativity and inquiry.

We believe in the power of young children’s intelligence, creativity, competency, and that each child’s ‘rich’, rich in potential and capacity. We believe that all early learning centres and schools can be engaging places where adults and children develop knowledge, values, creativity imagination and develop a present and future that is hopeful. Our work strives to create deeper thinking, inquiry , shared resources, new resources, a community of learning together, sharing investigations and testing theories by asking more questions to build on deeper knowledge and creativity. Our approach is to cultivate a stronger sense of culture, community, collaboration, and the strong understanding of the image of the child, teacher, and family.

We offer the following services for organization, schools, early learning centres, and individual.

  • Professional learning workshops to help educators design and sustain curriculum and program planning
  • Consulting on student portfolio development that reflect and support the Early Learning for Every Child Today curriculum framework as well as Ontario’s pedagogy for the early years, How Does Learning Happen?
  • Consultation on creating and supporting classroom and school organization within an environment that acts as the third teacher and support the notion that aesthetics is epistemology
  • Professional learning workshops to support children’s artistic development
  • Consultation on creating a classroom culture that engages students in project work
  • Consultation on school’s design, pedagogy, collaboration
  • Professional learning and workshops and consultation on pedagogical documentation

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